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Juneau Hostel Reservations Request Form


Adults (18+) - $30.00 + One Chore

Youth (6-17) - $15.00 + One Chore

Children (5 and under) – Free

Summer group rates are $30.00 per person, including youth.

Children and Youth must be traveling with a parent/guardian age 18 years or older.

Reservations use a debit/credit to pay for the first night's fee only. Non-reservations, and subsequent night's stay must be paid for in cash.


Reservations are always recommended to guarantee bunks especially during June, July and August.  Reservations are always recommended throughout the year for the family room or for groups of 8 or more.


  • COVID-19 Vaccination Required. Proof of vaccination will be required at check in. 

  • The Hostel is CLOSED from 9am to 5pm everyday to guests. The building is locked, and guests are required to leave the building before 9am.

  • There is a maximum stay of five (5) days - extensions may be available subject to board approval.

  • Our family room is available ONLY for families with young children or for those needing special accommodations.

  • Because we are a nonprofit, you will not be charged sales or bed taxes. If using a credit card, a 5% credit card fee is applied to the reservation. 

  • Reservation deposits are nonrefundable. 

Instructions for Group Bookings

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